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Unmoored is an up-and-coming Swedish act with lots of potential of becomeing a household name. Soundwise they are competing within the melodic death metal genre, an area in which Sweden has been a dominant force for many years with acts like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and Soilwork. "Indefinite soul-extension" is the bands third release, and in my opinion the first of their albums that really have a chance to compete with the top names of the scene. The production is great, which is fully understandable because of the fact that it was recorded at famous Abyss studios. The sound feels massive and "thick", a great wall-of-sound similar to for example the last couple of Dimmu Borgir recordings. The song material is quite strong and even. Tracks like "Unspeakable grief" and "Phase of revulsion" have a certain underground hit potential. However I don't think it will render them a massive success such as for example In Flames, mainly due to the fact that they are slightly more aggressive and dark! Sometimes their blasting is in fact almost in Dimmu Borgir class! But in the majority of the songs they include surprisingly melodic chorus lines performed with clean vocals! The contrast between the clean melodic vocals and the otherwise aggressive growling is what gives this album it's feel of depth. Sometimes the arrangements are very complex, and sometimes they are more simple and straight forward. All of this, together with good variations in tempo, makes "Indefinite soul-extension" an album that can be enjoyed over a long period of time without getting bored of it! It will certainly haunt my cd player for quite some time! Unmoored is a band that definitely ought to "steal away" some attention from the more well known and established bands of this scene.
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