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Meaning of Embody The Invisible?


i'm not sure what the title means. to make visible some disembodied spirit who's currently invisible?

"i demand nothing but i want it all"

the general greedy attitude among the human race, I think.

"what privilege do we have under the sun
that gives us right to the throne?"

exactly why are us humans the dominant species on earth?
why are we allowed to deprive and destroy the planet and other species?

"species come and go, but the earth stands forever still"

this implies at the eventual extinction of our race and how life on
earth will keep happening even after that.

"all river runs towards sea but the sea is never full"

describes continuity, something that happens all the time and will keep happening for ever.

"to discover the loneliness and be too proud to show the wounds
will forever wander alone through the years"

problems of todays society. you may think you know a lot of people but then all of sudden you find out actually you are quite lonely and have few true friends.

you have been "wounded" out there in the cold world but because you take so much pride of yourself you refuse to show your weaknesses and that you're deep down insecure although you've decided to play it cool. therefore none can help you because you don't let anyone come near you and see who the hell you REALLY are; thus you end up wandering alone
through the years.

"but i won't let you near
begging for you to understand
the fear that lives in my soul
which is an untouch spring"

See above. not sure about the line 4. maybe the word "untouch" implies that the person hasn't processed or tried to overcome
his/her fear that lives in his/her soul.

"read, what is written in the silent mouth
what is written in the soul
what is written in the shining silence
we all have to read"

not sure about this AT ALL. maybe it's that often "silent" people
possess more wisdom than the ones "who're talking" (politicians etc.)

"my body will be bent from the burdens
when the shaking floor of life-force
reveals its chasm underneath
if only one could be two steps ahead"

ok, so life-force keeps you alive and it's portrayed as a floor
you walk on. occasionally the floor opens up revealing chasms and if you fall into one it's game over. you'd only have to be two steps ahead (doing a BIT better in life) to avoid ending up in a risk situation where you're on the verge of falling due to "the burdens". so, your body will be bent towards the chasm and it's up to you to regain your balance and avoid plummeting to your destiny.

So whaddaya think?!?!?!
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