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Ah, well yes. I have listened the album for a few times now too and of course some things remind of other bands... no worries. I think there are some really cool riffs and solo's on the album and some guitar parts give me chills (that is positive). Especially when I saw the live version of Unchanging... the guitar solo at 3:07 (three minute seven seconds on the studio album) really made me like: wow, cool! This is awesome! Some riffs keep dangling round my brains. Some pieces are very nice. However, the album as a whole is not very consistent imho and sometimes the sound is a bit too full (for me) or too busy. That's just my opinion, don't get offended. I have listened the album a few times, but it doesn't give me that 'feeling' I get when I listen to a very well organized album, like Images and Words, Operation Mindcrime or whatever.

I have very big expectations of the band and I think time will make this band very awesome. As a debute: I think it's fine, but not a 'stayer' in my cd-player.
It just needs that tiny little bit extra coherence.

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