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Originally Posted by Redelijk
All I want to say is (I doubt you want to belive me, though) is:

All similarities to other bands are purely coincidental. We're doing what we want to do. We're not "influenced" by other other prog bands. Our influences come from other sources.

Ah man come on. If you're saying that all similarities to other bands are coincidental, you are not making yourself very credible. Like I said the intro of sedation (however it IS cool, I think) IS a copy of LTE's Paradigm Shift. And I read in the biography of SC that you are influenced by LTE so: there is the similarity.
Overall you really sound like Dream Theater, anyway and I'm not the only one that thinks so, because reviews in Io Pages and the Aardschok (you probably read them) said so too.

I really like SC serious (!), but I think that denying of similarity to other bands is not very honest.
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