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Originally Posted by Mezarkabul
I just got the album and have been listening to it. I quite like it. I think the new singer sounds cool, like a younger James Labrie. I may be the only one who thinks so, but he definitely reminds me of Awake-era Labrie. Andre lists Ray Alder, Geoff Tate, Buddy Lackey, Tim Hutton, Bruce Dickinson as his influences. No Labrie. I personally don't think his singing is mid-range like Bruce's. That was more prevalant in the previous singer's (Sascha?) delivery in my opinion. He sounded like a cross between Dickinson and Freddie Mercury.

The Alder and Tate comparisons on the other hand make sense. But most of all I hear Labrie in his voice. It may be purely coincidental though, but it's cool. I might have to check out his previous band Imperium. I think I saw the album somewhere at a friend's place. He has a great voice, either way.

Anyone else hear what I'm saying?
If you ask me if I'm a fan of LaBrie, I must say yes. I think he has one hell of a voice and can do certain things with his voice other singers cannot, but as far as influences go, I must say I'm more influenced by singers like Ray Alder, Geoff Tate and Buddy Lackey. It's the softer parts of LaBrie's singing I don't like as much compared to the other singers I mentioned, especially the breathy stuff. I like a more mysterious sound in the softer parts, but otherwise I think he's great!

I think most of the LaBrie comparison comes from a combination of music and voice, because no one ever mentioned me sounding like LaBrie in one of my former bands, but it's cool, thnx....
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