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The 'zine, as I told you before, will be released in English and Greek in 100 copies for each language. The amount of the copies will be increased in the future. It will be released in 3 month basis. It will be regulary printed in a printing house with full colour cover and 60+ black'n'white A4 pages. The number of the pages will be increased to.

The advertisement will be on the 1/2 of the A4 page and will cost 40 euros. This offer is only for the 1st issue, 'cause of the small amount of copies and pages. The prise for the other issues will be 50 euros. For whole page advertisments contact me for info.

Note that the site will be supported by a site on the net that's going to be uploaded from time to time.

That's for now. For everything new I will inform you from here.

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The upcoming "UNDER THE GROUND" 'zine is in search of sponsors. If you own a label or distro and you are interested in cheap advertisment, check this link out:
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