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Your three favourite songs from each album?

What are your three favoruite songs from each album? I know it's hard but it's easier to choose three songs than only one song.

My favs are (in order of appearance):

Something Wild:

Deadnight Warrior
Red Light In My Eyes Part 2
Lake Bodom


Towards Dead End
Children Of Bodom

Follow The Reaper:

Everytime I Die
Mask Of Sanity
Hate Me!

Hate Crew Deathroll:

Chokehold (Cocked n' Loaded)

I can't decide the third one yet. I still have to choose between Needled 24/7, Bodom Beach Terror and Hate Crew Deathroll. Time will tell...
Scythes Of Bodom was the shit...

Still selling parts of my COB collection:
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