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Originally Posted by Yngvai X
Fareri is a sloppy ass player with absolutely zero phrasing ability and worse vibrato than Kirk Hammett. He should be completely disregarded, and it still baffles me as to why people even give his playing the time of day (then again, it baffles me why people think Hammett is so great).

That being said, I would have to agree that Becker and Stump have some of the best sweep arpeggio chops I've ever seen/heard.

I totaly agree with you about Fareri but what ı meant was he can sweep amazingly fast ,not Becker fast, much faster but when it comes to phrasing and stuff he sucks and the vibrato ı again totaly agree.
But ofcourse sweeping fast doesnt make you the best sweeper there are other things so yes he should be disregarded.
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