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Originally Posted by Demonspell
It's an edited version with the solo section left out. The video is just as good as the other Evergrey ones, eevn if the white background does make it look a bit cheap...

lol, its kind of a let down considering that patrick ulesus (spelling?) guy directed it. He did the new In Flames video for The Quiet Place, the Heavens A Lie video for Lacuna Coil, and the latest Dimmu Borgir video (even tho I loathe dimmu, and wish death upon them, its a good visual video).

As far as looking cheap... its simple. I asked tom about it while we were on a 6 hour bus ride from new york to philly earlier this month. He said they wanted a very simple, but effective album cover - and videos the same way. so there you have it.

and by the way - this video wasnt cheap, lol. you wouldnt believe me if i told you how much they spent on it. lol.

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