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Originally Posted by Wenda

Aww you only want me for my DTIFC disc collection

*I love piercings and tattoos and want more of both, in places I wouldn't tell my parents about.
Nah, you love DT and Pain of Salvation, You love Rugby League, you are a personal trainer and you seem like a cool chick.

All adds up to hot in my book

And I will email you my address so you can send my your DTIFC disc collection

I too like piercings (Hence me getting my eyebrow done), but I don't like too much. My GF has a nosering, but its a really tiny stud. I would hate a big one. Not a massive fan of lip or labrett piercings. I love a girl who has a nice stomach with a belly ring. That to me is the hottest thing. I have a massive thing for a nice toned stomach.
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