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Name : Stefano Wosz
Location : Macerata, Italy
Age : 27
Own Band : edensHade
Occupation : Electronic Engineer, Software Developper (Day), Guitarist and Producer (Night)
Musical Tastes : Metal 80's electro pop
Favorite Band : Pain of Salvation and many others...
Favorite Album : see above
Favorite Producer : Andy Sneap, Ross Robinson
Production Experience : Done some recording and mastered edensHade first album "Ceramic Placebo for a Faint Heart", produced the two Synaptic Demos, Crystal Tear, edensHade new promo and currently ready to produce our second album....
Production Gear : Pentium 4 3 Ghz, digi002 Rack with Pro Tools LE 6.4, Reason 2.5, Yamaha monitors, Beringher ADA 8000
Amps: Line 6 POD Pro, Marshall Cabinet and Power Amp
Guitars: Ibanez 7 Strings and epiphone Les Paul Custom (Tuned down to B)
Other: Samson Wireless and BOSS AC-2 Acoustic Simulator
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