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@li, santtu: well, novelty is always good. so let's say yes to this daring threesome you propose. i'm not sure about rahve's participation tho, winamp just brought up "the book of heavy metal" and that's a song that he downloaded for me. i don't think that people who do such things should be allowed to take part in any pleasure (i was about to say "celestial pleasure", then i caught myself).

@rahve: can you come on icq for maybe ten minutes? i've got a wonderful something to send you, and we can talk for a few moments. i know, i know, i won't be hearing your voice, but still.

edit: @the noble individuals of both genders (no, not each of them): can i have sex with all of you? i'm more of a take, take, take character. not that i can't surprise my partners, mind you.
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