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Originally Posted by Rusty
Fact: in the past 3 weeks I've received 3 identical offers of a credit card from Capital One, with 3 identical pens accompanying them. I'm disappointed I threw the first pen away, if this carries on I'll either make a simple collection or construct some kind of model from them.
You should have kept the pens or given them to local bats. they come in useful (pens, not most bats).

Bat philosophy=waste not want not. Also there are poor bats in other countries who cannot afford diaries/pens, etc. so they could have been donated to them. :/

Originally Posted by IconOfSin
haven't slept well lately, plus when i sit at home and not do anything then i get sleepy
Kinda like Garfield... or those parrots?

I can relate to King Chaos's frustration. For some reason, I'm obsessed with Andreas from RC and I get jealous when other people said they got to meet him. I hoping Andreas won't leave the band as two other people have left.
Siren's idea of stalking him if I ever visit Athens is a good one.
My dream is for him to fall in love with me. Then I could live in Athens but stay in my apartment since I can't stand 40 degree Celcius weather. And in accordance with what people say, I'd still post at UM and the Coldplay boards even if I had money.

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