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fact: I'm going to watch lots of Friends today, yay
fact 2: My keyboard's got issues
fact 3: I woke up at 7 am for no reason, and couldn't fall asleep again, but now i'm tired.
fact 4: I'll have to take a nap at Lasse's place today :s
fact 5: 'fact five' sounds almost like 'fact file' '

fact 6: I need my sister to call me so that i'll know what i'm going to wear today, and when i have to leave.
fact 7: I don't have a coat and i really need one..or ten, preferably :/
fact 8: I'm so tired that i feel like puking.
fact 9: I should go back to bed but i can't, because MY SISTER NEEDS TO TELL ME THINGS FIRST :@
If I stay in darkness
and hide inside
where there is no light
You cannot find me
You cannot find me here

If I don't say a word
and just sit here
Even if you are near
You cannot find me
You cannot find me here.

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