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They do But I am not good like them. I am evil and beyond. Lazy. Terrible!
If I go tack, danke, thanks, gracias, spasibo, merci, grazie, efcharisto, kiitos, takk and arigato, and then you can just pick whichever expression of gratitude that suits you, will that be ok?
"It is purely an anomaly of fate that Gottfried as a young man, lacking means, seeking a position landed in the court of an obscure German Duke. Who through intricate and tedious lacework of marryings, couplings, dyings, religious conversions, wars, revolutions, miscarriages, decapitations, congenital feeblemindedness, excommunications, et cetera among Europe's elite - most notably, the deaths of all seventeen of Queen Anne's children - became first in line to the throne of England and Scotland"
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