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i love some of the scathing responses to peoples thoughts here.

maybe you guys should give this young man a break. unless he was trying to start up some shit, he was posting here because he thought some other opeth fans could relate. youve got to be kidding me if youve never felt the same way about something, maybe not about music, but something.

detric, youll get over it. soon youll realize that opeth is a band who couldnt give two shits whether you live or die and youll start to focus on college and whatever. years will pass, opeth will host the MTV awards, and the same know-it-alls will be posting here, myself included.
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today at work a U2 song came on the rock station, so i said "fuck this shit" and walked over to the radio and changed it to the classic rock station, and they were playing a newer U2 song. you win this one, radio bastards.
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