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my oppinion on Return to the Sabbat....well...
The way I originally heard about this was from one of the guys at Earache, who called me up to ask me about it. I knew nothing about it so I called Martin to ask him about it. The conversation got a little heated and I explained they couldn't do it under the name Sabbat as both he and Frazer quit leaving me and Simon with alot of debts and financial problems to clear up. This was the reason we carried on as Sabbat and did a third album, obviously we wanted the new line up to work out but it didn't...simple as that. What it came down to though was Simon Negus and myself in theory own the business and name as they left. If you left your employee, you couldn't go and start that business somewhere else under the same name.
Anyway, a week later, Martin and Frazer came round to my house and offered me the chance to do it, I decided not to as nobody had even spoken with Simon Negus about this.
Then I heard Simon Jones was involved and by this time I'd told SN about everything. A mutual friend had been calling me constantly and when I spoke with Simon Jones about things , it seemed they wanted me to get involved.
So I went round, had another chat with Martin and cleared the air, went on holiday wondering about things and I said I'd help them out, even if it was to show them riffs etc, but I couldn't give them 100% of my time.
When I got back I had another chat and was basically told I was too busy and they wanted to do it without me, so I left it at that.
I think it's a bit of a shame to go back and do things like this, I'd rather people remembered the band as we were. I know Martin will go on about the third album, but we were in a situation that we were forced into back then.
I don't know why he's so bothered about the skyclad thing, I don't see the difference between that and what he is doing here with Sabbat. Martin is a very talented guy and should look forward and focus on things new, and I don't wish any of them ill feelings.
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