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This is the way I see it: The incumbent Prime Minister has actually handled the economy quite well. He's managed to keep the country afloat and interest rates down while other places like the US wallow in a recession. That's actually quite an achievement. He also introduced the first home buyers' scheme which has been a boon to the building industry. But let's look at what else he's done. He introduced the GST, which, despite Government rhetoric has increased taxes. It was meant to replace the sales tax on many luxury items, but it's actually raised the cost of most things, including adding a tax to a bunch of stuff you never had to pay a tax on before, like train tickets, taxi travel, phone calls, haircuts, buying insurance, booking a hotel room, or anything that constitutes a "service". He reduced incentives for doctors to bulk bill, blowing out the costs of Medicare and reducing free health services to places that need it. As an example, there is now only one doctor's surgery in the entire upper Blue Mountains area that accepts Medicare. This is an area where the majority of people are low- and middle-income earners, who can't necessarily afford $45 doctor's fees each time one of their 2.6 children gets sick. He has attempted to reduce Government spending by selling off profitable Government assets like Telstra while millions a year are still being lost through shipping companies he can't give away. He got us involved in a potentially long, drawn out war that can't be won. The first home buyer's scheme is great for people who already have savings, but by raising taxes through the GST, putting a strangehold on wages and squandering money on "terrorists awareness" campaigns that are laughable at best, thousands are still struggling to buy their own homes and many never will. He introduced the work-for-the-dole scheme that's proven to be an utter failure as legitimate job-seekers are put on useless re-skilling programmes and made to clean gutters and mow lawns for a measly amount instead of being helped to find a real job and bludgers still mooch around wasting their dole on smokes, booze and dope. He villified people fleeing torment and injustice in their homeland by telling the country they were throwing their children into the sea, then lied about a cover-up, then lied again when the cover-up was uncovered. And there's a strong possibility that if he gets elected, he'll hand over to someone else before the end of his term. Besides which, he's had eight years. It's time to get rid of him.
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