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Originally Posted by MetalWarriorSteve
I did NOT say anything about Indonesian people and I did not say all Vietnamese were crims.
Perhaps not, but you did say this:

Originally Posted by MetalWarriorSteve
the highest percentage of crime comes from the Vietnamese community
and this:

Originally Posted by MetalWarriorSteve
under Labor 80% of immigrants were from Asia (namely Vietnam) and the majority unskilled and now on benefits. That is a fact.
That is NOT a fact. 80% of immigrants "under Labor" were not from Asia. According to the census figures, the region of origin of the highest number of migrants to Australia in 1991 - 1992 (under Keating) was Europe and the former USSR, with 25%. SE Asia (including Vietnam) accounted for only 20%. According to figures I found on a UNESCO site, under Whitlam between 1974 - 1975, the highest percentage of migrants (42.2%) came from Ireland and the UK. Under Hawke between 1984 - 1985, the highest percentage of migrants came from the UK (14.9%), NZ (11.6%) and Vietnam (10.9%). The percentage for the whole of Asia for the period 1984 - 1985 was only 32%. Under Keating, the percentage of migrants from Vietnam had dropped to only 7.4%. This is a far cry from your claim of 80%.

Originally Posted by MetalWarriorsSteve
Our Northern neighbours were sniffing around during the ALP rule. Instead, we have gone North and given freedom to East Timor instead of being invaded ourselves.
That reads like it's about Indonesia to me. Perhaps if the Australian LIBERAL government had done more to stop East Timor being invaded in the first place, then we wouldn't have had to go there 24 years later and help with the liberation process.

And please stop saying I have "issues" with you. I don't have issues with you at all, unless you're saying boneheaded things. Just because I criticise you at times, doesn't mean I have an issue with you.
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