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Originally Posted by Pyrus
I'm a little drunk right now, so pardon any incoherence.

John Kerry testified to get America the fuck out of Vietnam, as well he should have. That war was a horrific debacle and Kerry should be commended for having the courge to stand up and speak up when his country was doing something wrong.

As for that Vietnam exhibit, of course if you see it on the internet it must be true. :roll: Especially if it's by such an obviously biased group.

don't subscribe to that ridiculous "my country right or wrong" philosohpy. If America's doing something wrong, it's not only your right, but your DUTY as a self-proclaimed patriot to speak out against it.
People as well as countrys do the wrong may choose to Bitch about everything our goverment does that you see as "wrong" but to me that shows a weakness to our enemys

Paul Galanti, P.O.W. from 1966-1973The Viet Cong didn't think they had to win the war on the battlefield, because thanks to these protestors they were going to win it on the streets of San Francisco and Washington.

what do you think the people of Vietnam thought of all those people protesting? they saw them as our weakness
So Im am not going to sit here and say our country is wrong to go and invade Iraq ,Im not going to say it was wrong for america to drop bombs on Bagdad and kill women and children, Supporting your leaders decicions is american ad patriotic

Why did we go to Vietnam?
We went to vietnam to prevent the spread of communism.We went there after the Goverment of south Vietnam asked us to help them. We go there fight a war we were not prepared to fight, the enemy fought in civilian cloths making it impossable to tell who was "freindly" and who was not. we were fighting the whole population, men, women, and children, and all those men women and children were killing US soldiers by the hundreds.

So US soldiers were killing men women and the children that were killing them. It was a fight for survival, and they were killing the enemy.

And for john Kerry to come back from Vietnam after being there only 4 months and to go before congress and say that we were killing men women and children for no reason sounds pretty fucked up to me.Accually if you think about it, hes back after being there four months ( and if you accually read his congressional testemony were he came out and said he didnt see any war crimes committed, he was going by word of mouth) he came back to the US and told all those protesters EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED TO HEAR.
hell of a way to start a political career, come back to the US , talk about war crimes ,meanwhile there are POWs in Vietnam being tourtured and killed because they wouldnt say they committed war crimes.So which is it ,was John kerry not being loyal to his country, or were POWs not being loyal?

Originally Posted by pyrus
As for that Vietnam exhibit, of course if you see it on the internet it must be true. :roll: Especially if it's by such an obviously biased group.
Ted Koppel from ABC news sent people to vietnam to see this "memorial" and to intrveiw soliders of the vietcong, it was on nightline, fox news has covered it as well as NBC........It is one peice of evidence that is true,even though it is on the internet. I guess since the congressional transcript of John Kerry going before congress is on the internet, that makes it not true to?
I would like to see you go to that site Winter solider
and disprove thier facts as wrong, I dont post shit that I know will be proved wrong so go ahead and try, please.

Captain George Elliott, USN (retired) I served with these guys. I went on missions with them, and these men served honorably. Up and down the chain of command there was no acquiescence to atrocities. It was not condoned, it did not happen, and it was not reported to me verbally or in writing by any of these men including Lt.(jg) Kerry.

George WashingtonThe willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional as to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were Treated and Appreciated by their nation.
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And on Anthrax re-re-reunion
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like I said, at this point it's exactly like being drunk and calling your fat ex-girlfriend at 2 am to get laid because you struck out at the local bar... pathetic..

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