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Miss Kleo??? I thought the feds shut you down.

So you're moms abandoned you at the mall?? Well to be honest there Kleo
you seem like quite the little freak so I'm gonna say your Mom used sound judgement in making that call..

As far as "tree hugging hippie etc..." goes, well I'm not too sure what that means since I never hugged a tree either on purpose or by accident so you might have to eloborate on that.

And as for Henry kicking my ass....Kleo is Henry one of those people that only you can see? You know you're close pal whose only visible to you.
I guess what I'm trying to say is don't threaten me with your imaginary friend
beause it's really not that scary!!

Besides I don't know why the fuck you're mad at me....I said I'd go to your
B-day party!! So far I'm the only one to accept your invite...I'll even bring a keg if it'll make you happy (Of course I'll need to see your I.D.) Nothing personal but the law is cracking down on people who buy beer for minors
and I know you would'nt want me to get in trouble.

So dude drop the attitude, If I offended you get past it...And let everyone know where and when this B-day party is...I'm psyched!! I got a 20lb sledge and nowhere to swing it!!! Like I said just make sure Henry and the rest of the imaginary guests are cool with a ROCKING PARTY!!!

One more thing....Who's Punky?? I thought you were Kleo..Oh wait a minute don't anwser that (Another Imaginary Friend)

Originally Posted by kleo706
I'll have you know that my mom abandoned me at a shopping plaza in Chicago. If you try any of that tree hugging hippie apartment assault crap, Henry will kick your fucking ass.


p. s. bitch
"American Pride Burns Inside!!"
God Bless America!!

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Liberals = stupid, selfish, out of touch with reality, a drain on society. Their brains serve only as stuffing for their skulls. otherwise... useless.
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To me, 'the system' seems easy, 'instant gratification' seems easy, but 'good' actually requires a bit of work and thinking.
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DUH... Obama WAS the terrorist threat and millions of idiots ignored it.

get ready for the BOOM!!

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