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Fucking hilarious MHFYRD!!!!
Now that's a party!!
Damn Bro's I thought I was the only one angry enough to fuck with someone stupid today.......I'm glad I was wrong!!

Damn straight O/S!!! No sausages for me either!!
I'm sure she'll have a few of her little girlfriends there...You know looking to score with the band!!

Originally Posted by MyHatredforYouRunsDeep
T-Man I agree...I haven't been to a rocking party in quite some time....I am ready to smash a couple of walls and kick Kleo's dog( or was it Lemurs)...I will bring plenty of ho's and pimp cups while I wear my rustler jeans and my alligator skin boots...I also have an excess of kerosene that I could use to catch some ring tailed lemurs on fire with...Should I bring it? Are doo-rags allowed? I have a couple pirate ones...Lets make this a ho's and pirates party.......Also Kleo, do you mind if I bring my friend Ron Jeremy...He really wants to bang your mom and then take a dump on their bed
"American Pride Burns Inside!!"
God Bless America!!

Originally Posted by SueNC View Post
Liberals = stupid, selfish, out of touch with reality, a drain on society. Their brains serve only as stuffing for their skulls. otherwise... useless.
Originally Posted by Blowtus View Post
To me, 'the system' seems easy, 'instant gratification' seems easy, but 'good' actually requires a bit of work and thinking.
Originally Posted by SueNC View Post
DUH... Obama WAS the terrorist threat and millions of idiots ignored it.

get ready for the BOOM!!

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