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Nik, If you're outta ideas for where to take your kids

There's a place in Somerville, Mass (Which is right outside of Boston)
called "Goodtimes Sports Emporium" Let me just tell you's got
everything twice!! Batting Cages, Indoor Basketball, go carts, big screen TV's
BAR, and I know I'm missing a bunch of shit.

That's where I go to watch the Pay Per View fights...It's cool as hell
If the early bouts suck (Like they sometimes do) you can fill your time easily.
If you're looking for something to do...Your kids will have a blast there.
"American Pride Burns Inside!!"
God Bless America!!

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Liberals = stupid, selfish, out of touch with reality, a drain on society. Their brains serve only as stuffing for their skulls. otherwise... useless.
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To me, 'the system' seems easy, 'instant gratification' seems easy, but 'good' actually requires a bit of work and thinking.
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DUH... Obama WAS the terrorist threat and millions of idiots ignored it.

get ready for the BOOM!!
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