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Originally Posted by CoverUinOil
i'm a huge dog lover, eventhough i do not own a pit and am not a big fan of them, i still think a ban is wrong, instead the law should require the dog to always have a muzzle while in public (in that means even in your backyard if they're not on a leash) and training that the state would enforce on the owner. also if any incident happens, then the owner should be the one penalized since he is the person responsible for it. I've seen pits that were trained from birth to be fighting dogs and that's kinda sad. the last one i saw was a puppy and i was playing with him, this is what the owner told me: Wow dude you cant be afectionate otherwise he wont fight anymore, and if that happens he'll be put asleep" and then the guy said to me "if you keep playing with him he'll yours, but it will cost you $500" i almost wanted to take it but my budget didnt allow me to so he'll to become a fighter, its kinda sad the world we live in these days.
I know. The whole idea of raising a dog from a puppy for the sole purpose of it fighting to the death just makes my stomach turn. I love dogs, I have a black and tan coon hound and I couldn't imagine anything happening to him. The muzzle idea is a pretty good one, Oily. It's funny I never heard of the whole gun powder thing until last night. That is just messed up. I just can't understand why anyone would want to be cruel to animals...Yes they can be frustrating at times(when they are puppies it is like raising a child) but I would never dream of intentionally hurting my dog or any dog for that matter. Pits aren't my favorite dogs but with restrictions I think people should be able to have them....Just sucks that there are so many bad apples ruining it for others....
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