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Music journalists completely amaze me sometimes. These people generally just have no clue whatsoever, they give their opinion even though they're probably not even qualified because they don't know jack all about music or the bands they're writing about. Journalists are all giving out their opinions and assuming you aren't clever enough to make your own decisions about the bands you listen to... the sad thing is, a lot of people will go completely on what they say "oh god, they gave this album 2 stars, I'm not buying that"

Journalists hype up Evanescence a hell of a lot, because they're the big thing right now... they write what sells and they'll do pretty much anything to get that money out of your pocket. Aside from that, it's one person's opinion... if you get an Evanescence fan to review a Lacuna Coil album, they're going to praise Evanescence like the second coming of Christ and make out like Lacuna Coil suck. Get a rock journalist to review a rap album and they'll tell you it's crap... and this is what happens.

In an ideal world, we'd have music journalists that actually know what they're talking about, people that actually do a little bit of research into a band before they shoot them down in flames. I stopped paying attention to journalists years ago.
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