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I'll get that stuff of Blitz and see if I can copy any off it. fingers crossed

Here's a list of the whats on the W,A,S,P videos;

Tape 1
  • All video clips, 1985 to 1995
  • London UK, 1986
  • Live at the Lyceum (extended version)
Tape 2
  • Japan TV Special - Interview and acoustic play, 1992
  • Hamburg, Germany live and interview, 1997
  • MTV Live & interview, 1997
  • Japanese TV Special (2 songs) 1997
  • Metal Hammer Donnington '92 Maiden special.
Unlike my tapes, I've cut out most of the repetition (I have The Idol video clips about 6 times..) Also added 'a little bonus' not listed on each tape.

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