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Warr Guitar and Chapman Stick are both 'touch' guitars, which to my understanding means you can tap on the strings at any point along the fretboard in order to produce a sound. The difference is a Warr Guitar generally has 10 or 12 strings and a vast range, while the Chapman Stick is comparable to a bass guitar. Somebody correct me if I misunderstand that; musical instruments aren't my forte. The ones I've seen appeared to have frets, but they could have just been lines on the neck to mark where frets would normally be, so I couldn't tell you on that one.

Anyhoo, Sean Malone plays a lot of Chapman Stick. From my understanding most of what is on Gordian Knot's S/T disc is actually done on a Stick, not on bass. At least, I read that somewhere. The best use of Warr Guitar I've ever heard is on Behold... the Arctopus which actually has nobody on bass. All of the deeper tones are done on the 12 string Warr Guitar.

As for Lars Norberg, I love his playing on A Sceptic's Universe. Someone described it to me as Mega Man on steroids, which fits, but I loved Mega Man, too I dunno; I just think it is a cool, unique tone he's got going on there. But the best bass tone award has to go to Arjen Lucassen on Ayreon. Regardless of what you think of the music, that guy is an amazing producer and I about cream myself hearing that bass tone.
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