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I have two BC Rich USA handmade 7 strings...and they are "the Beast" models one is a hardtail and one is a Floyd rose tremolo. Both have Lundgren M Model pickups. I have way too many guitars ..heheh!!! I have alot of Carvin's Three 727's and four 747's. All made for me by Carvin..I love Carvin's seven string guitars. I rotate between the Dimarzio Blaze Custom and Evolution 7 pickup in the Carvins but two i have the Lundgrens in too.these are only the seven strings .I have a few BC Rich's I have a 1988 steath reverse Like Chuck of death with an X2nb Pickup single. I have a 1992 White warlock custom I purchased from that one.. I have an original Peavey Vandenberg from 1988 that has the only Maple neck I have ever seen on these guitars ..and EVERY ONE OF MY GUITARS are neck through except for my one Blackmachine 8 string and a Ibanez UV copy.
...7 string -dom......
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