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Huge problem here

I bought a Bloodbath shirt and an Ancient Rites poster on Ebay from Anders. I sent 50 euros to him in a registered mail.
Look what I got today...

hey gorik,

now check this out cuz we got a problem.
i just got yer letter, it was registered, so i signed it to get it out.
when i open it, there's no money in there.
but at a closer look, i see a small fragment of a bill in there (see photos).
the envelope had not been opened, so nobody could have stolen it... or if they did, how was it done?!?!
out of 100s of letters sent to me, i never seen this before.
dya have any explaination for this??? did u take out the money again???
since u sent it registered, maybe u can demand the money back.
the thing is i didnt get any money.


Anyone ever experienced something similar? What should I do??

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