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Kerrang magazine

“Deadly Danes deliver a brutal masterclass. AS CERTAIN parts of the extreme metal scene chase their own tails in a pitiful attempt to conquer the mainstream, brutal death metal continues to flourish. It’s unlikely that Exmortem are making any kind of point to a wider world with Nihilistic Contentment; this is simply very honest and heartfelt music that aims high on all levels and knows its audience inside out.
Fans of like-minded black-hearts such as Immolation and Hate Eternal will recognise and applaud the authority and power that inhabits every track on this Danish crew’s fifth outing, from the vicious Flesh Havoc to the foul, lurching grind of Fix Of Negativity. Cleverly written and superbly played, this is high quality death metal, just as nature intended.” - KKKK

Blunt magazine

"Now in their 13th year of existence (although they were called Mordor back in the day) Exmortem spew forth yet another slab of technically crushing death metal. Nihilistic Commitment is a well written album displaying Exmortem’s tight-as-fuck technical death stylings, with crazy grinding drums, ferocious riffing and an intense use of dynamics and shifting time signatures that mess with your head. Now re-united with ex-Dimmu Borgir drummer Reno, Exmortem take the metal world by the throat with this release. Watch Out for track nine, “Graveside Mourning Ritual”, it’s a doosey." - 7/10

Indie retailer Skinnys

Pyromusic website

Walls of Fire website

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