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please help!

last night i borrowed a line6 delay pedal from a friend for my gig and everything went dead good until at one moment it just stopped working.

it does bypass the sound when not turned on, but when i click on it, it blinks and the tap button works, but there is no sound at all.

have anyone had any problems with it?
is there any way i could fix it?

the only thing i noticed is that the power i used (and the guy from whom i borrowed it), its 1000mA and on the pedal it says '1200mA minimum' (it worked well with this very same adopter, or whatever this thing is called, for whole 2 years).

if its of any help, i know many musicians play this pedal, maybe youve heard someone else had some malfunction with it too.
heres the pic:

please help. i hope i dont have to buy the new one, cause i know its about 300 euros worth. whats even worse is that its borrowed.
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