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Music theory reply!

I don't know many people who have heard about spastic ink, or similar bands that are extremly abstract! Personally I've only heard spastic which are so incredibly technical! I've listened alot to Dream Theater too, and to the guy who said that ain't, your'e wrong man! They're definitively a prog band! They just play traditional melodic in most off their songs! But to the reply! Off course music theory helps one understand the complexity off the music! And playing an instrument yourself offcourse helps one understand what the band is doing helps and appreciate the difficulties the musicians have gone through to reach such a superior level of technic skills! F.eks Ron's fantastic licks or Bobby amazing drumsolos, and ostinates all the same! Knowing the little theory I know, and listening to spastic has certainly helped me understand that there's a LOOOONG way to perfection and spastic helps me get there! Prog on people! We cant let music like this die out!
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