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DB magazine

"Right from the Megadeth-inspired introduction of From The Curse, A Scourge... The Chasm have created an intense and complexly layered work. 'The Spell Of Retribution' is replete with epic tracks, with Retribution Of The Lost Years (I, The Pathfinder III) and the three-part The Eclipse: Monument To The Empire being definite highlights.

While there are not many solos to speak of, the complexity and frequency of the riffs means this lack is hardly noticeable; however, when they do appear, they are in keeping with the album's feel: Fortress contains the album's sole trade-off solo, while Retribution features a slower and more melodic effort and many others contain melody lines which, while not exactly solos, still add an additional layer to the sound.

There are only two drawbacks on this album. The first is that the bass is almost entirely lost in the mix, only surfacing in one or two places to remind us of its presence. The second is the consistently mid-tempo feel. Retribution manages to break away from this, and also features some excellent acoustic guitar, both in its own passages and layered above the heavier sounds. Overall, though, the album has a sameness about its speed which becomes a little annoying. The complexity of the riffs and the frequency of the variation, however, more than makes up for this minor drawback, and the album remains a multifaceted work inspired by the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, Dissection and Bathory."
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