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My Trade/want Vinyl Fukkin' List

Hi there,
I'm Claudio and I'm a crazy VINYL freak and I collect 7",Lp ,Picture disc of
Thrash/Speed/Death/Black Metal bands and now I'm looking for serious and honest
people with my same passion to start some vinyl trades.
Please note that my list consist in 2 VINYL section :




If U have found something good for your collection in the T.L.S. and U have something enclosed
in my W.L.S. DO NOT WASTE A SECOND and mail me a message,o.k.?
But remember DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME by offering me :

- CD

because I don't care AT ALL about'em .
O.K. it's time to enjoy my list ..................
Thanxs in advance for the attention.
Bye Claudio.

P.S.If u don't collect VINYLS at all but u have some friends that could be interested in my list
feel free to spread it to 'em .


* means RESERVED items so don't ask for 'em ,o.k.?



Abominator Aussie Damnations Prophecy

Acid Death / Greece Split Lp Blood Red waxxxxxxx........
Avulsed Spain

Afflicted Sweden Prodigal Son Blue vinyl

Agathocles Belgium Use your anger - S.O.A. records-

Ancient Norway Svartalaheim ri-edition on Hammerheart Records

Ancient Rites Belgium The Diabolic Serenades The first release on vinyl format of this underrated band

Angel Witch U.k. Angel Witch

Asphyx Holland The Rack Gatefold cover

At The Gates Sweden The Red in the Sky is Ours

Autopsy America Mental Funeral

Bathory Sweden Bathory White goat version

Bathory Sweden Twilight of the Gods

Bathory Sweden Blood Fire and Death Gatefold cover

B.Summoning Holland The dark war has .... A classic : No Fashion Records

Bewitched Sweden Pentagram prayer

Blasphereion Belgium Rest In Peace

Blood Storm / America Split Lp
Moria Sweden

Bulldozer Italy Neurodeliri

Cadaver Norway Hallucinating Anxiety

Cannibal Corpse America Eaten Back to Life

Cannibal Corpse America Butchered at Birth Red cover (aka CENSORED cover)

Carbonized Sweden For the Securety Thrash Records

Carcass U.k. Necroticism

Celtic Frost Swiss Morbid Tales -Banzai Records version.....-

Celtic Frost Swiss To Mega Therion Gatefold cover

Celtic Frost Swiss Emperors Return

Celtic Frost Swiss Into the Pandemonium Gatefold cover

Comecon Sweden Megatrends in Brutality

Cradle of Filth U.k. The principle of evil made...... - original version on Black vinyl-

Dark Angel America Time does not heal Gatefold cover

Dark Throne Norway Soulside Journey

Darkness Germany Death Squad Thrash,thrash,trash........

Death America Scream Bloody Gore MFN

Death SS Italy Heavy Demons

Death SS Italy In death of SS For the lovers of obscure music....

Death Strike Germany Fucking Death

Defecation America Purity Dilution

Denial of God Denmark The Ghouls of Dog L.e.(333 ex)

Destruction Germany Release from Agony White vinyl

Destruction Germany Senteced of Death Banzai Records

Disastrous M. Austria Rhapsodies in red with ex Disharmonic Orchestra membersssssss

Dismember Sweden Like an ever flowing stream

Dragon Poland Horde of Gog -cruel Thrash Metal in the vein of old Kreator : a fukkin' great band -

Entombed Sweden Left Hand Path A piece of Death Metal history

Exumer Germany Rising from the Sea

From Dephts Italy The burning ice Mini Lp -Italian fukkin' Black Metal : a cult release -

Goatlord America Reflections of the solstice

Grotesque Sweden Incantation Black vinyl version the ORIGINAL ones on DOLORES RECORDS

Heavy Load Sweden Death or glory Whit poster !!!!!!!!!!

In Aeternum Sweden Forever Blasphemy Gatefold cover

King Diamond Denmark Abigail

King Diamond Denmark Conspiracy

King Diamond Denmark The Eye

King Diamond Denmark In Concert 1987 : Abigail

Korzus Brasil Mass Illusion

Kreator Germany Pleasure to kill

Liar of G. Holland Dancing through the.......

Living Death Germany Metal Revolution

Massacre America Inhuman Conditions

Master's Hammer Czech Filemnice Occultism

Mercyful Fate Denmark Don't Break the Oath

Monstrosity America Imperial doom

Moonblood Germany Blut & Krieg A ULTRA CULT piece of plastic........

Morgoth Germany Cursed

Morta Skuld America As Humanity Fades

Mortuary Messico Blackened Images Fukkin' Death Metal

N.M.E America Unholy death -The American answer to Venom.........-

Necrodeath Italy Into the Macabre Gatefold cover original black vinyl version

Omen America Battle cry

Onslaught U.k Power from Hell MFN

Pestilence Holland Consuming Impulse

Poison Germany Into the Abyss Cult and fukkin rare piece of plastic

Possessed America Seven churches Roadrunner Records

Possessed America The eyes of horror

Satyricon Sweden Nemesis Divina Gatefold cover

Schizo Italy Main Frame Collapse U have to listen 'em to realize how was great this band

S. Deathreign Holland The Spooky Gloom

Sepultura Brasil Beneath the Remains Poster enclosed

Sepultura Brasil Arise

Sodom Germany In the Sign of Evil

Sodom Germany Persecution Mania White vinyl

Sodom Germany Obssessed by Cruelty

Sodom Germany Agent Orange Gatefold cover

Sodom Germany Mortal way of live Double Lp

Sorcery Sweden Blood Chilling Tales A fukkin'cult release

Therion Sweden Of Darkness..

Unreal Terror Italy Heavy and Dangerous Pre -Requiem band

Venom U.k. At War with Satan Gatefold cover

Violent Force Germany Malevolent.... fukkin' THRASHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



Acheron America Necromanteion Communion 7"

Amorphis Finland The Karelian isthmus LP -strictly limited edition-

*Ancient Rites /Belgium Longing for the ..
Enthroned Belgium Scared by Darkwinds 7"

Behemoth Poland Antichristian Phenomenon 7"

Centinex Sweden Bloodhunt 10" -with poster-

Dark Throne Norway Soulside Journey LP

Death America Spiritual healing LP

Death SS Italy Vampire Mini LP

Deicide America Legion LP

Dismember Sweden Like an ever flowing stream LP

Dismember Sweden Skin her alive 7"

Eminenz Germany The heretic LP

Entombed Sweden Twilight of the gods LP

Flauros Finland Suicide 7"

Helloween Germany Helloween Mini LP

I.Nazarene Finland Split 7" 7"
Driller Killer Sweden

Inanna Unveiled Germany In abscence of Inanna LP

Katatonia Sweden For funerals to come LP - fukkin' great music-

Mayhem / Norway Necrolust 7"
Zyklon B Norway Total Warfare

Morbid Angel America Abominations of... LP -Headache Records-

Mortuary Mexico Blackened images LP -fukkin'great Moyen's painting -

Necrophagia America Holocausto de la morte LP

Nihilist Sweden Radiation sickess DOUBLE PICTURE 7"

Obituary America Cause of Death LP

Paragon of B. Germany Wundenozean 7"

Salem Israel Kaddish LP

Sarcasm Sweden Scattered ashes 7"

Satyricon Norway PICTURE DISC box set 3 LP

Sohrin Sweden At fanders met.... 7"

Sodom Germany Expursion of Sodomy Mini LP

Varathron Greece The lament of Gods Mini LP

Venom England At war with Satan LP -fukkin' MEGA rare picture lp-



A Mind Confused Sweden Out of Chaos Spawn L.edition(1000 ex)

*Abhorrence Finland Pestilantial Mist Violet wax pre-Amorphis band

Absu America ..and shineth unto... Osmose fukkin' release : a RARE piece of plastic

*Acheron America Alla Xul Red wax

Anatomy Australia Dark Religion L.edition(200 ex)

Anatomy / Australia Suncrusher
L. Voyage Back Poison blood

Ancient Rites / Belgium From Beyond the Grave II
Thou Art Lord Greece In Blood we trust Red wax

Angelkill America Lady Cadaver

A. Raids Brasil Maximum Metal Mayhem
Gravewurm America On the wings of death

Arcturus Norway My Angel Putrefaction Records + L.edition(1100 ex)-GREEN cover-

Arghoslent America Troops of....

Azaghal Finland Harmagedon L.edition (500 ex)first pressing on black waxxxxxxxx

Balvaz Norway same title -pre Cadaver band-

Bathym America Demonic force

Belial Finland The God of the Pit II Orange wax

Belsebub Sweden Elohim

Bilskirnir Germany For the return of Paganism Limited Edition 500 copies

Blizzard Germany Hellish Rock n' Roll

Bluurgh Holland Suffer within Double 7"

Burzum Norway Et hvitt lys over White waxxxxxxxxxx

Centinex Sweden Shadowland Violet wax

*Cenothap Mexico Tenebrous apparition

Christ Denied/ Spain Split 7"
Haemorrage Spain

Crypt of K. Sweden Cyclone of insanity

Dark Funeral Sweden Equimanthorn

D.Tranquillity Sweden Trial of life decayed

D.Tranquillity Sweden A moonclad reflection of sorrow

Dark Throne Norway Thulcandra

Darkified Sweden Forever Sleeep.... Pre-Marduk band

Darksend Sweden The Luciferian whisper

Dead Christ England Satans hunger

Decayed Portugal Behold the wrath Limited edition

Decoryah Finland Ebonies

Dead World America Dead World Light vinyl

Defleshed Sweden Obsculum Obscenum

Depravity Finland Remasquerade

Dimmu Borgir Norway Inn I ...... Necromantic Gallery Productions -the ORIGINAL ones.....-

Dominus Denmark Sideral path of....

Einherjer Norway Leve vikinganden

Emperor Norway As the shadows rise Nocturnal Art Production -the ORIGINAL ones.....-

Entity Sweden The lasting scar

Eucharist Sweden Greeting Immortality Obscure Plasma Recs

E.of cruelty Belgium Thoughts of a forlorn existence

Excidium Italy Infecting the graves

Fleurety Norway A darker shade of evil

Funeral Dirge Sweden The silence ebony -limited to 200 ex-

Gehenna Sweden Ancestor of the darkly sky Necromantic Gallery Productions

Golem Germany Visceral Scab

Goreaphobia America Omen of masochism

Gorefest Holland Live in misery

Gorgon France Ephaistos

H. Mangleus America We live...U sleep Thrash Records

Horna / Finland Split 7"
Fog America

House of Husher Sweden On the very verge Fukkin' cult 7" released many years ago by the legendary OBSCURE PLASMA RECORDS

Iconoclast Italy The Unmutadet Revelation

Ildjarn Norway Norse

Immortal Fate America Faceless Burial

Incubus America God died on his knees First edition (hand numbered copy + lyrics) on fukkin' GORE RECORDS

I. Nazarene Finland Satanic Masowhore

*Incantation America Deliverance of .....

Incubus America God Died on his Knees Gore Records

Inferno Czech Bitva o...... Limited Edition 500 copies
Celestia France Spectra

I.Bleeding America Invocation of Evil

Inverted Sweden Empire of darkness

Invocation / Greece Split 7"
Medieval Demon Greece

Isacarum / Czech Split 7"
Sorath Czech

Isegrim / Germany Split 7"
S.Order Germany

Lemegethon Greece Demonic hellhounds

Liar of G. Holland The seventh winter

Lullaby Brasil Lucifer

Macabre End Sweden Consumed by darkness An obscure and very hard to get piece of plastic........

Mareridt Denmark Med vold skal vrden bygges -blood RED waxxxxxx-

Master's Hammer Czech Dry blood Memory Records L.edition(100 ex!!!!) act fast if wanna it....

Midnight Sun Finland ....and the fire....

Minotaur Germany The Oath of blood

Moonspell Portugal Goat on fire Molon Lave Records -the ORIGINAL ones.....- Red wax

*Mortem Norway Slow death MEGA RARE 7" -pre ARCTURUS band-

M.Corporation Sweden Retract the hostile L.edition 500 copies brown waxxxxx

*Necrotion America Prelude to Apocalypse Red wax

Nocturnus America Possess the priest Green wax

Nifelheim Sweden Unholy death

Nihilist Sweden Drowned

Nihili Locus Italy Sub Hyerosolima

Nokturnel America Anti - Grunge Red wax

Nuclear Death America For our dead Fukkin' rare piece of shitttttttt

Nunslaughter / America Split 7"
Grand's B.Key America

Opera IX Italy The triumph of Death

Panthymonium Sweden Dream II

P. of Souls Finland Empyreum

Perished Norway Perished

Phlebotomized Holland In search of Tranquillity Red wax

R.U.Dead ? Germany Hypnos featuring ex POISON (the german ones)members.....

Rotting Christ Greece Dawn of the iconoclast

Sabbat Japan Sabbatical Demonslaught

Sadistic Noise Greece The crush of heaven Clear vinyl

Sanctum Australia Dimension of the mind

Satahanas Australia Ripping Evil

Sigh Japan Requiem for fools

Siren Germany Your dreams come true blue vinylllll

Sorath America Horns of the goath

Sorcery Sweden Rivers of the dead

Strychnos Denmark Terror lies within

Taake Norway Taake L.e.(1000 ex)

Tears of Christ Italy Within my forgotten..

Thy Primordial Sweden

Thou Art Lord Greece Diabolou Archaes Legeones

T. Shalt Suffer Norway Open the mysteries of ....

Treblinka Sweden Severe abominations Blood red waxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Unleashed Sweden Revenge C.B.R. Records

Unveiled Finland Suicide inc.

Urgrund Australia Warlore

Various Artist U.k. Deaf Records compilation with G.G.F.H.,Pitch Shifter,Dark Throne,Amnesia

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Absu America The Temple of Offal

Arcturus Norway My Angel On Putrefaction Records - YELLOW cover-

Arcturus Norway My Angel On Putrefaction Records - BLUE cover-

Autopsy Torment Sweden Moonfog Does this really exist??????

Beherit / Finland Split 7" On Turbo Records
Deathyell Chile

Dissection Sweden The grief prophecy Does this really exist??????

Dissection Sweden Into Infinite Obscurity On Corpse Grinder Records

House of Usher Sweden Battle of the Spectrum Does this really exist??????

Immortal Norway Immortal On Osmose Productions /Listenable Records

Incantation America Entrantment of Evil On Seraphic Decay Records

Marduk Sweden Fuck me Jesus

Sabbat Japan Sabbat

Sabbat Japan Desecration

Sabbat Japan The Devil sperm is cold

Samael Swiss Medieval Prophecy

Treblinka Sweden Severe Abominations Black vinyl version


Burzum Norway Aske DSP version

Burzum Norway Burzum DSP/Misanthropy

Celtic Frost Swiss Emperor's Return PICTURE DISC version -Noise Rec-

Celtic Frost Swiss To Mega Therion PICTURE DISC version -Noise Rec-

Celtic Frost Swiss Morbid Tales PICTURE DISC version -Noise Rec-

Celtic Frost Swiss Into the Pandemonium PICTURE DISC version -Noise Rec-

Immortal Norway Diabolical.. LP version

Immortal Norway Pure Holocaust LP version

Mayhem Norway Deathcrush Posercorpse Rec. version

Messiah Swiss Hymn to Abremelin with black painting on the front cover

Morbid Sweden December Moon Red vinyl version with poster

Rotting Christ Greece Passage to Arcturo Gatefold version only

Sadistic Intent America Impending doom Wild Rag Records

Sarcofago Brasil I.N.R.I. On Cogumelo Recs

Satyricon Norway Dark Medieval Times

Satyricon Norway The Shadowthrone

Slaughter Canada Strappado On Fringe Records

Venom U.k. Black Metal PICTURE DISC version-Neat Rec-
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