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It really depends on the arrangements made with the promoter/venue.

Sometimes it will be a percentage off the door, (a dollar a head is what you can expect for your first few gigs... gets better as you climb the ladder obviously) sometimes it will be a flat payment regardless of how many payers show up. (this will usually happen when the promoter KNOWS there's gonna be heaps of people ahahaha)

Sometimes it's nothing at all... we've done heaps of gigs that we didn't get paid for. At the end of the day you have to grin and take whatever you get and not be a whiney bitch about it. There's plenty of bands getting around, piss off a promoter and he'll simply get someone else for next week's gig. Easy.

We didn't get paid at all when we supported Machine Head last year... BUT we had our own merch stand and actually sold a fair bit of our own stuff. We didn't care or worry about it, because playing a show like that (and getting an awesome response) is worth more than money anyway...

My 0.02.

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