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Originally Posted by OnceSealedInBlood
I think i've got one...its been bothering me for a while now...In Arson, it says in the lyrics "...we went to greet them, in the(or our) fields." However, when I listen to it on my computer, it sounds like he's saying " We went to greet them with our spears." And then with my headphones on, it sounds like " We went to greet them, with our steel."....which flippin one is it? Or am I just a retard and the football helmet I have to wear keeps screwing around with the sound?
you should just read the lyrics. you know that exists right? the real lyrics are "with our steel" and i clearly here that. did you mean you read that the lyrics were "in the fields"? well thats an error, i dont know from what site you got that. in the booklet its written "with our steal".
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