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Originally Posted by SAXONIZED
Bert – Most people assume No Sleep…….. was recorded at Hammersmith , so we play a part in Metal history , recorded live at Leeds 28/03/1981.The tour was also billed “The Pain in the Neck Tour” because Drummer Phil Taylor has just recovered from a broken neck, falling down a set of stairs . I saw Rainbow , Whitesnake, and Black Sabbath (with Dio) there also, but one of my biggest regrets is not going to the Lizzy gig through lack of funds.

The Leeds Arena complex looks great thanks for the link.

Midnight rider – You had to suffer Lightning Raiders also bad luck mate!

Paxoman – Yeah Hackney was a Bikers bash, I think some of the proceeds were given in support of The Hells Angels.
I remember now, Philthy was being carried in a 'firemans lift' and whoever it was that was carrying him dropped him and he broke his neck. It's all coming back to me! That's some memory you have there Saxonized!
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