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I haven't quite got through all the liner notes yet, but I am not certain that this was filmed in HI-Def and then downrezzed to 480p for the DVD release. Best guess is that they either used 480p digital cameras shooting in 16:9, or just used normal film camera shooting 16:9 and then encoded to 480p in an A/D step.

Here's my gripe... and something that HOPEFULLY will get resolved if/when they reauthor the discs correctly. How many people watch this DVD on a screen larger than your average computer monitor? I'd venture to say a good portion, right? If you spend the kind of money that EG did on this DVD... why in the bloody blue blazes of hell are there so many jaggies on virtually every frame of the video???? Check out Jonas cymbals in nearly any shot. THey appear to be made out of legos with the stair stepping that is apparent on the edges. This completely ruins the time and effort and MONEY that EG spent on filming the thing in the first place. I can only assume that one of two things happened:

1.) The person authoring the DVD purposefully used such a low bitrate on the video that the MPEG-2 compression artifacts took whatever decent resolution the source material had and chucked it out the window. This MIGHT have been done to squeeze all of the material on a single dual density DVD. That being said, according to my estimates, there are 3GB LEFT on this DVD. This is space that COULD have been used to heighten the video bitrate, easily. But honestly, how many people would bitch if they just split the full show across two discs and encoded it at a nice kickass Superbit DVD type rate?

2.) The person doing the authoring had no clue what to set the MPEG-2 Encoder's values to and just went with some sort of default. It'd be interesting to see which Pro Encoder was used. THere are a handful of de facto standards used for pro encoding, Canopia's Procoder, Mainconcept's encoder, the Sonic one... can't recall the name.

Anyway, at least the audio sounds great... but the God awful artifacts on a 56" DLP from a Denon DVI DVD player are just unreal for a pro product. I can only imagine that the author never watched this DVD on a screen larger than their computer monitor or these horrendous artifacts would be glaringly obvious.

Are you listening Inside Out? Or perhaps Revolver Studios?

Re-author the darn thing and do it RIGHT so that EG (and their fans) can get there hard earned money's worth.

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