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Yeah, from what I've heard Opeth only plays 3 songs. Occassionally 4 if you're lucky, and here in Dallas I heard they only played 2, because their set got cut short due to rain and thunderstorms. Most bands only get 30 minutes, or so I've heard, which obviously isn't many songs for Opeth.

From what I've heard the setlist has mostly been Deliverance, Drapery Falls, and Demon Of The Fall, with occassional playing of Grand Conjuration. I tried to DL it, but I think they took it down from the site that hosted it or something.

Sounds like they've had a lot of sound quality problems this tour as well, probably cause the super short set times and fast change over doesn't really suit itself to a thorough soundcheck lol. And a band as dynamic as Opeth needs it.

Ah well, should be a good show, just know what to expect so you're not dissapointed.

Also it sounds like Gene Hoglan has been playing drums for Opeth's last few shows at least, and no one knows where Lopez is. Weird. Hope everything's alright.
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