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Originally Posted by Lake-Bodom
Well, I think he might is.. I spoke to a girl at the Tuska festival, and she told me that all the Bodom members use internet.. And msn.. Too bad we lost each other during the show, cause she was gonna give me their adresses after the show, but maybe it's a good thing too, cause I would probably just bother them by telling them how great they are all the fuckin time But it would have been fun tho. But back to the topic, yes I think he is.. Maybe not very often, but yes..
And who would she be to have all that information now?
Originally Posted by Ruins View Post
@Wings of a dream
nice vids dude.

and please do me a favor, get rid of this damn osama bin laiho of yours
we saw it enough don't you thing? i seriously can't see it any more.
its huge, its stupid, and fucking annoying.
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