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Novembre members side-project/guest apperances

Today while searching dc++ hubs for (Eventual) new bootlegs, I found a song of this italian melodeath band called "Nightward" where Carmelo Orlando appeared as a guest. I have been listening to it for about 1hour now, the song is not very interesting, but the vocal line/melody IS JUST AWESOME! I'd dare to say his best melody! It made me feel in the way I did feel when I first heard Wish I Could Dream It Again *shivers down the spine*

So, for those of you curious, I am sharing the song:

Add something to the list if you know more than what I am going to post, I know I am not going to post all of them but I don''t feel like typing a lot today as I am so excited about this mp3 that I can't stop thinking about Materia!

Giuseppe Orlando:

Abstracta - T.R.I.P [Drums] - Progressive Metal
Klimt 1918 Promo, Undressed Momento, Dopoguerra [As producer - some backing vocals and drumming] - Post-Modern Melancolic Rock
Ghoul [Session Drummer] - Death Metal?
Rosae Crucis - [Drums] Heavy Metal

Carmelo Orlando:
Nightward [Guest]

Oceana [Side project: Guitar/main composer]

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