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hey Ed thanks for chmining in..I'd HIGHLY endorse checking out the band Ours. I have played their album DISTORTED LULLABIES probably 15 times in the last month. The singer is like Jeff Buckley and Bono "on steroids" as Mike Portnoy described.

I mean to check out Coheed and Cambira..the high-ptched and maybe the biggest hurdle I will face getting more into them, but the fact Dredg is touring with them (in my town the on the jewish New Year which I dunno if I will be able to make for that reason sadly). and a lot of the talk including yourself, makes me want to give them a real shot. Geddy's voice took me a bit to get into, so maybe the guy from C&C could be the same. I love The Mars Volta afterall and their vocals are in a similar vein.

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