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Cosmic Cock - Enter at Your Own Risk

By Jason Jordan

Introduce us to the masters behind the mayhem, Jason.

Well it began as a short project, made a few songs with a keyboard and a guitar then we just left it at that, but returned later on. We recorded our songs with me on keyboard and backing vocals, and Steven on guitar and lead vocals. We evolved to a live lineup, which consists of:
Steven – lead vocals
Jason – lead vocals
Sam – keyboards
Ashley “Blindguy” – guitar
Spike – bass
A drum machine is used live.

Cosmic Cock. I’m betting that either a lot of thought went into the name, or none at all. Which is it, or am I completely wrong about this?

Ha ha, a common question we get is, “how did you think of the name?” or, “why Cosmic Cock?” Absolutely no thought went into the name whatsoever. It literally was chosen on the spot. We just said, “hey let’s just call it Cosmic Cock.”

Seems to me that your comedy band relies on absurdist humor in order to be funny. What influenced you to become involved with this type of humor?

Anal Cunt, Gwar, any Seth Putnam-related project really, and Seth Putnam himself inspired us.

What do you think of the rising sensation known as Andy Milonakis?


In one of the songs posted on MySpace, you reference William Shakespeare. I’m taking an “Early Plays of Shakespeare” class this semester, and we’re going to be reading plays such as Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V. Your thoughts on Shakespeare are requested at this time. Type them below.

I’m not a big fan of Shakespeare or his plays, but he was a very talented writer. It’s more of a pisstake of “Ye Olde Englishe,” but underneath we needed a figurehead so we figured William would be perfect.

What’s the most negative feedback you’ve ever received?

We had someone getting really offended by our stuff, and sending us hatemail on MySpace, which was hilarious. He got mostly offended when we had “Kurt Cobain is a Faggot” up.

The word in the Cosmic Cock camp is that you’re recording a full-length album at the moment. Can you give us any details about that?

The material itself is complete. It’s just a matter of finding a label to release it for us, but it’s 100% complete.

I hear you all are embarking on a tour with Power Quest relatively soon. What kind of set up are you going to, uh, set up for the shows?

Well it’s just the 1 gig at Edwards No. 8. It’s not a full tour as they aren’t going on a full tour, but we plan to dress up in pirate outfits. We can’t give you any more detail about that yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

Perhaps this is a stupid question, but do you prefer vegetables or fruit?


Due to the fact that you’re a comedic entity related to music, are you worried about being compared to Spinal Tap in any way? Think it’s possible to evade a comparison like that?

Yeah, make a song called “Spinal Tap Are Gay” and that’ll solve all problems.

How can I be sure the Bible is really the Word of God?

It isn’t. It’s really the words of the RAPTOR JESUS!

Who are Megabreth? What is “breath metal”?

Megabreth was a side-project of Cosmic Cock, a sort of one-off recording thing. It’s really a pisstake of a lot of bands that just sound like they are breathing down the microphone. The idea came along when Steven was drunk and he just said, “I bet breath metal would rule.”

Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If not, can you show proof of your eligibility to work in the U.S.?

I’ve never committed a crime, and I don’t live in the USA.

Who are some of your favorite bands, and in your opinion what’s the best record of 2005 that everyone should rush out to buy at this very moment?

Favourite bands: Anal Cunt, Gwar, Venom, Immortal, Mayhem, Iron Monkey, Cannibal Corpse, Eyehategod, Dragonforce and Death. I think the best record of 2005 so far has been the release of the new Dragonforce album (if that was released in 2005, I can’t remember), but I think you should all go rush out and buy the following albums: DragonforceSonic Firestorm, MegadethThe System Has Failed, ImmortalBattles in the North, MayhemDeathcrush EP (if you can find it), and GwarLive from Mt. Fuji.

Leave us with parting words that’ll inspire us to greatness…

Eat, sleep, worship the Raptor Jesus, think Cosmic Cock, and you’ve got yourself a success. And don’t forget to check us out on November 24th with Power Quest at Edwards No. 8 in Birmingham. Also check out the good tunes at and rock out with your rock out!

Official Cosmic Cock Website
Official Megabreth Website

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