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Thrymfal, if you run for president, I'll become a US citizen just so I can vote for you, K? It is any subliminal message you're to ignore, not the overt ones (displayed clearly) in the lyrics. Yes, Johan is atheist. Many non-asatruar wear the hammer as a symbol for respect of our ancestors (some of whom - gasp - were even Christians). Nobody owns the ancient symbols. Respect for our ancestors may be a very typically Norse thing, but more than anything, it's a respect thing.

Heathens got their name from "people of the heath", by the Christians who thought all heathens were uncultured and lived in the sticks. Litterally. Some of us, especially those who live in Scandinavia, have chosen to keep this name for the faith. In many countries, they do a census, where they count how many people say they are of "x" religion. If there are more than a certain number of "x", that religion gets official status. it helps if we all say we are asatru, for example, rather than some of us calling ourselves asatru, some heathen, some northern traditionalist etc. That's the only time it is an issue.
One is pagan if one is heathen, but not all pagans are heathens, like Sleipnir said. I personally do not like being lumped in with "other pagans":
A. because, again, this is something that Christians have come up with to create order in their world. It's Moslems, Jews, Christians and "all the other wierd people whose religions are a joke" (= pagans).
B. I have about as much in common with wiccans, the practitioners of slavic nature religions and greeks, as Christians (to use an example many of you will be familiar with, not to pick on one specific group in any way) have with moslems and jews. They are judeo-christians, but they are not at all the same and really do not get along very well amongst themselves. I am asatru, which technically falls under the pagan umbrella, but I am asatru/heathen/northern traditionalist or whatever you want to call us first.

Sleipnir, how's "the Bun"?
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