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fuck shit
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All this religious shit is really fucking confusing...Can't they just come up with one that makes everyone happy? How many sub-religions are really needed? That is why atheist is the way to be...You can pick and choose as you go along...You can wear a cross around your neck because you think it looks cool, and you can wear a pentagram shirt at the same time, for the same reason...and it has no meaning what so ever...Anyways, thats what I take from atheism...You dont worry about stuff like that...? And I don't wear a cross...Now, i'm about 95% sure someone is going to call me a retard, or tell me to shutup...So in my defence, i'm from Canada, i'm 16, and i'm white as fuck...That would probably hold up in court against murder charges...In Canada at least...
"Johan drank beer out of a viking horn!"
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