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Originally Posted by Mikko Ilmarinen
Check out our website and listen to the clips from our new record "the spirit of Ukko" in the "media"-section. That's the fastest way to get an idea of what we're doing. Also check out the "history"-section and other stuff too. It's so hard to describe it ourselves, but to give you some idea, we've been referred to as power metal meets melodic death metal and thrash metal with influences from many other styles as well. Pagan themes are also an important part of the songs. I dare to say that we've created an original sound that's still appealing to fans of both traditional metal and those looking for something new...just buy the album!

By the way, If anyone else here wants to describe Kiuas, please go ahead!!
Hey I listened to the clip of 'Sprit of Ukko'.

I think you guys rule. I just wish that the vocalist sung with more 'grit' and less falsettos.

May you guys become rich and gather a lot of fame.
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