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Originally posted by Gaunerin
Thx 13th angel........I should have some fun there, yes!

Btw, I am impressed that you're actually able to post here and watch a video at the same time

NP: Vicious Rumors - Down to the temple

well...... I have my television set up to the left of me so I can glance over and watch....usualy only when theres something interesting on or when I get a new video of a band I like.......I bet this will really impress you...I also sometimes have a cd playing....ha ha

p.s you like vicious rumors?? friend brian o'conner sings with them(he's from sacramento) he is on the cyberchrist cd ...he left for one cd(was it sadistic symphony?) anyway he is back with them
I feel the dawn rise in me
the light disappears
I start to regret
I can't break these chains
I die to live again
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