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I ran into Big Hairy Dave (no, you don't know him, except for JayK) last night, he was trying to convince me to come to this show but I'm bailing. Though the promise of getting ridiculously fucked up in Crooklyn is definitely appealing.

I will 99% be at the Finntroll/Sodom show in January though, depending only on my work schedule (might be travelin').

Now someone link me the fucking news/thread about Thyrfing & Moonsorrow playing in Minnesota!
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Mark, you're not going to fade away, you're just going to explode.
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I'd shit in your mouth for a lot less than $5,000, believe me
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I'm sitting around watching porn in my living room with the lights off and the blinds drawn, because it's the only thing that doesn't hurt my head
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