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Bad Trader report.

Name: Mattias Lindqvist

Nick: Wyrmlord (on metal archives forum, I dunno about this one and others)

Contact information:
Mattias Lindqvist
Norra Köpmangatan 26 B
803 21 Gävle
wyrmlord @

Amount of rip-off: 8 CDs + 4 tapes.

I think we have a "Ghaal666" kind of rip off case here. This guy has a few good responses, just like Ghaal did, after gaining a few good responses he makes a big trade deal and steals it (we originally were going to trade 24 items, but luckly he agreed to make it in 2 parts).

Even though this guy offered me the trade himself, I still agreed to send first. Needless to say, I insisted on using registered mail, in case of "it's maybe lost in postage" kind of lies it works, as the registeration number helps you find the "lost" package (if it really is lost, that is). After he recieved my parcel, he started to show excuses and told me that he may send it a bit late (he should have told it beforehand but that still was OK by me - as long as I get the stuff). It's been 2 months now since he has my package and he stopped giving replies to my e-mails and pm's. I'm pretty certain that this guy is a rip off and BE CAREFUL.
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