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I gotta say to Ed, Jindaan and others..I have recently gotten into Coheed and Cambria. The singer took me some time but now I LOVE HIM! "Good Apollo" is one of the best albums this year. Michael Jackson and Rush with Cars and Savatage implements..all their albums are tied together in a story about the 2 characters. I have Good Apollo and Keeping Secrets..still need to get their debut. Actually Good Apollo comes out in a special edition tomorrow. I only paid $5 for the one I got so I may end up getting the SE as well.

Also, Claudio has a sideproject called "Prizefighter Inferno" that i found on myspace last night and liked. Different from C&C..more acoustic, but still good none-the-less.

Soundscape fans probably want to be aware (and Enchant fans as I've always believed Enchant fans could get into Soundscape since the 2 bands have a lot in common stylistically; combining heaviness and melodic and prog), Todd Rose, Soundscape's guitarist has a project called "Spectre" that has a new album out soon called "Dreamland" You can hear his guitar solos here. I am looking fwd to that cd coming out soon, the samples sound awesome. Also, Soundscape recorded music for an album in 199 before they disbanded called "Grave New World" that they never had the money to mix and master and then release. They still would like to. It may happen this year. I have heard demo's and they are awesome.

Also, a band who opened for Dredg, "Circa Survive" I just heard this weekend. I missed them opening for Dredg back in May. They are kind of like a combination of The Mars Volta and Coheed I guess. Circa Survive on myspace
I am going to order their debut album "Juturna" which came out this year.

another thing, there is this website I found out about called which let's you creat your own music playing stations. Their database is not bad, but there are many bands not on there right now (including Enchant). I emailed them about adding Enchant and some others..PoS for one. They let you suggest bands. The cool thing about it is they'll not only play music from the bands the station is setup for, but also bands that have similar characteristics. I would think Enchant would be a good band to be added to on there.


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